Never Accept a Bad Check Again!

It's simply a fact of business that personal checks remain the preferred form of non-cash payment for your customers. That said, many businesses are reluctant to accept checks as payment because of the risk involved, which leaves most business owners with a dilemma: refuse check purchases and lose an extremely lucrative payment option, but accept them and you might be lining yourself up for fraud.

This incredible program allows you to accept checks safely and confidently, including out-of-town and out-of-state checks (even checks from Canada and all U.S. territories) with minimal risk. The Check Guarantee Program is beneficial to any business at risk for accepting NSF or bounced checks. It can also be added to your existing Xpress Telecom credit card system, eliminating losses and fees from bounced checks practically overnight. 

With our guarantee service in place, checks are approved at the point-of-sale in just seconds and all bounced check claims approved by our system are paid back to your account within 24 hours. If an approved check is returned from the bank unpaid, it can be submitted to our system for processing and reimbursement, allowing you to concentrate on sales and not collections.

In short: with the Xpress Telecom Check Guarantee Program in place, we guarantee that every check approved by our system is a good check. If the contrary proves to be the case, we reimburse your account. Could it be any easier than that?

Check Conversion Pays You Faster!

With our Check Conversion Program, the funds of each authorized check are electronically processed and automatically deposited into your account as quickly as possible.. No more waiting for clearance from the bank, no more tied up funds and no more deposit slips to fill out - even your bank charges are reduced! Funds are automatically placed into your account and you're free to run your business.

Check Guarantee Quick Facts

  • Checks Approved at Point of Sale
  • Accept Out of Town Checks
  • Accepts Checks from Canada and U.S. Territories!
  • Bounced Checks Paid Back Within 24 Hours
  • Guaranteed Checks or We Reimburse You!
  • Automatically Deposited Into Your Account